dp 套路

时间序列类: 套路I: 状态与前一个时间序列的状态有关,可以是一维或者二维DP,第一维表示序列,第二维表示状态数量。 LC 198. House Robber LC 213. House Robber II LC 123. Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock III LC 309. Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock with Cooldown LC 376. Wiggle Subsequence LC 276. Paint Fence LC 487. Max Consecutive Ones II LC 1186. Maximum Subarray Sum with One Deletion 903.Valid Permutations for DI Sequence

套路II: 状态与前几个序列的状态有关,至少是二维DP,第二个维度表示当前最优与前面哪个状态有关。 LC 300. Longest Increasing Subsequence LC 368. Largest Divisible Subset LC 1105. Filling Bookcase Shelves 983.Minimum Cost For Tickets

套路III:状态与两个序列的状态有关,至少是二维DP,两个维度表示两个序列 LC1143: Longest Common Subsequences LC1092: Shortest Common Supersequences LC72: Edit Distance LC97: Interleaving String LC115. Distinct Subsequences LC 727.Minimum Window Subsequence

区间类: 套路IV: 状态与之前分割的区间有关,至少二维DP,第二个维度表示前面分割的数量。 LC 1278. Palindrome Partitioning III LC 813. Largest Sum of Averages LC 410. Split Array Largest Sum LC 1335. Minimum Difficulty of a Job Schedule

套路V: 大区间的最优值依赖与小区间状态,至少二维DP,两个维度表示区间[i,j]的最优解 LC 516. Longest Palindromic Subsequence LC 312. Burst Balloons LC 375. Guess Number Higher or Lower II LC 375. Guess Number Higher or Lower II LC 1246. Palindrome Removal

融合两类的boss题目  LC 1000. Minimum Cost to Merge Stones -> dp[i][j][k]表示将区间[i:j]归并成k堆的最小代价。

套路VI: 背包类, 最少二维dp,前i个物品,代价为j的时候的最优值 LC 494. Target LC 1049. Last Stone Weight II LC 474.Ones and Zeroes LC 879. Profitable Schemes LC 956. Tallest Billboard 518.Coin Change 2

Others 状态压缩: 状态进行编码作为dp的一个维度来记录状态 LC 691. Stickers to Spell Word LC 1349. Maximum Students Taking Exam 943.Find the Shortest Superstring

弃坑型: 一眼看不出是DP,状态不好涉及 887.Super Egg Drop 920.Number of Music Playlists
Written on January 15, 2024