C++ and Singleton


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rabbit hole of rpath and origin

a little background on dynamic linking

the job of dynamic linker and loader(ld.so) is to resolve the executable’s dependencies on shared libraries and to load the required ones at run-time. readelf .bin to find the NEDDED headers and search the DSO with a matching SONAME

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大话 design pattern

What’s design pattern? > a design pattern is a general reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem within a given context in software design

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Make and CMake in a nutshell

GNU make is a functional language, it got combinators(map | filter), application and anonymous abstractions. it suppress the number of rules from * to just +

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How to make a debugger

When we debug, we want to forgot about all security issue, and just want to peek the state of running applicaion. well, first thing not to do is to put debugger and debuggie to same memory space:) so they have to in different process.

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How to make a chat app


tldr It is a IM protocol that use XML, it is decentialized, and XML itself contain rounting info, and it is the server that doing all the heavy work :P

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Linux Graphic Stack and Wayland

3D rendering with OpenGL

  • A library, “Mesa”, implements the OpenGL API. It uses card-specific drivers to translate the API into a hardware-specific form. If the driver uses Gallium internally, there’s a shared component that turns the OpenGL API into a common intermediate representation, TGSI. The API is passed through Gallium, and all the device-specific driver does is translate from TGSI into hardware commands,
  • libdrm uses special secret card-specific ioctls to talk to the Linux kernel
  • The Linux kernel, having special permissions, can allocate memory on and for the card.
  • Back out at the Mesa level, Mesa uses DRI2 to talk to Xorg to make sure that buffer flips and window positions, etc. are synchronized.
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